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The pain associated with plantar fasciitis can make even everyday activities challenging. Dr. Richard P.Jacoby at Extremity Health Centers in Scottsdale, Arizona, is passionate about keeping patients moving and pain-free despite conditions like plantar fasciitis. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Jacoby today to find out what life is like without the pain associated with this condition.

Plantar Fasciitis Q & A

What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is the term used to describe inflammation at the site of insertion of the plantar fascia ligament. This ligament attaches your toes to your heel bone and runs along the arch of your foot. In most cases, the stiffness, heel pain, and inflammation are the result of degenerative irritation. Most patients experience pain associated with this condition after they’ve been inactive, especially first thing in the morning.

While runners commonly suffer from plantar fasciitis, the condition isn’t limited to this group. As a matter of fact, almost anyone can develop plantar fasciitis. Because the condition is caused by pressure on the foot and plantar fascia, those who are obese are at higher risk of developing it.

How is plantar fasciitis diagnosed?

Dr. Jacoby diagnoses plantar fasciitis through physical examination of the foot. This involves palpation (feeling the structures in the foot for swelling or other abnormalities), review of symptoms, and strength and mobility tests. As he works through the physical examination, Dr. Jacoby usually is able to either diagnose plantar fasciitis or locate the cause of your problems.

In some cases, a physical examination might not provide Dr. Jacoby with enough information about the inner structures of your foot to make a definitive diagnosis. In these cases, X-rays may be ordered to get a better look.

How can you treat plantar fasciitis?

The first line of treatment for plantar fasciitis includes conservative treatment methods like ice and rest. Other treatment methods that are considered conservative include:

  • Custom orthotics to realign the foot
  • Heel pads to provide padding and protection to the heel
  • Night splints to maintain proper ligament position while you rest
  • Non-invasive drug-free laser therapy to reduce inflammation at the source
  • Steroidal or stem cell injections to address pain and inflammation

If these conservative approaches don’t provide relief over time and symptoms persist, Dr. Jacoby may recommend a surgical procedure called plantar fascia release. During this procedure, a portion of the ligament is released from the heel bone, reducing tension on the ligament and associated pain. Because this procedure is more invasive, requires more downtime, and is accompanied by inherent risk like all surgical procedures, it is considered only when all other treatment options are exhausted. Seeking treatment early can improve your chances of finding relief through conservative treatment methods.


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