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Ironically, bunions are often caused by ill-fitting shoes and consequently make it nearly impossible to find that shoes that aren’t ill-fitting. This is where a highly-qualified podiatrist like Dr. Richard P. Jacoby at Extremity Health Centers in Scottsdale, Arizona, comes in. He can both correct bunions and create custom orthotics to support the foot in a healthy and preventive way.

Bunion Q & A

What are bunions?

A bunion, or Hallux Valgus, is a bony, protruding bump that appears at the base of the big toe along the inside of the foot. This bump forms when bones of the foot are pushed outward.

What causes bunions?

Bunions are almost always the result of wearing ill-fitting shoes. When your shoes don’t fit properly, your entire body weight can fall unevenly on your foot, impacting the joints and tendons. In some cases, bunions are genetic.

What types of bunions are there?

There are several types of bunions. The most common include:

  • Tailor's bunion: A bunion that forms at the base of the little toe instead of the base of the big toe

  • Acute bunion: The growth of bony masses around the toe joints

  • Adolescent bunion: A bunion that develops at the base of the big toe during adolescent years

Why is treatment important?

If left untreated, bunions eventually become painful enough to affect your gait (the way you walk). If you begin shifting your weight to alleviate pressure on your foot, you’re at high risk of developing ankle, knee, hip, back, and neck problems from poor alignment.

Ironically, it can be challenging to find shoes that fit right without help from a doctor when you have a bunion. As a result, many patients continue to wear ill-fitting shoes, which in turn can cause the bunion to worsen.

How is a bunion treated?

As with most conditions, Dr. Jacoby attempts to treat bunions through conservative methods first to ensure maximum patient comfort and recovery. Conservative treatment methods include:

  • Wide-instep shoes that don’t put added pressure on the bunion

  • Custom orthotics to relieve pressure and realign the foot

  • Bunion shields

  • Bunion bandages

  • Night splints

  • Cortisone injections

These conservative treatment methods may stop or slow the worsening that is characteristics to bunions and prevent further complications.

When these interventions don’t work, Dr. Jacoby might recommend surgery. During bunion surgery, the bones are positioned correctly and screwed into place using an FDA-approved headless screw that doesn’t require removal after surgery. This procedure is successful in 90-95% of patients, and most patients are able to walk a mile again just six weeks after surgery.


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Words from our patients

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    "I was seen in a timely manner and everything was explained very well. Dr. Jacoby is very personable and even drew out pictures to make understanding easier."

    Kathryn D.
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    "Timely and courteous. Doc was most kind helping me by cutting away a painful part of nail that was digging into my big toe."

    Diane P.
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    "Staff is friendly and efficient and Dr. Jacoby is insightful and good at what he does."

    John W.
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    "Appreciate Dr Jacoby spending time and solving my immediate problem. Very pleasant experience."

    Diane P.
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    "Dr. Jacoby is very insightful and meticulous in his approach to medicine. Also, his entire staff is courteous, friendly, and good at what they do."

    John W.
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    "Dr. Jacoby is concerned about a patient's overall good health, not just a hyper-focused piece of the puzzle. This is a rare find in physicians these days."

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    "...After my visit with him I started physical therapy in his office. I only needed four treatments and I'm back to my daily walks again. Thank you Dr. Jacoby & Staff!"

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